How to Stay Motivated in Sales


Matt shares strategies for staying motivated in sales that allowed him to overcome cancer three times, relearn how to walk, and complete two marathons.

Success in sales like a marathon is an endurance event. Matt in his talk, “Sales is a Marathon” shares the strategies and lessons that helped him overcome insurmountable odds. Matt shares how to persevere, thrive through adversity, and to stay motivated against all odds. Salespeople will discover the number one factor to staying motivated; how to overcome the biggest challenge they will ever face; and to keep/regain their passion for sales. A common response after hearing Matt’s talk is “if Matt can go through all he went through the rejection I face is nothing.”

This talk is ideal for sales groups, associations, and organizations looking to give their salespeople that extra edge that will allow them to outlast and outperform the competition and thrive in a challenging economy


  • Renewed Passion for sales
  • Energized and motivated to reach one’s sales goals
  • Real life strategies to fall back on in challenging times



Matt's talk inspires, encourages, and empowers you to reach your highest potential as a salesperson. His story is a powerful testament to what is possible when you do not give up. One beneficial point of his talk was how to reframe rejection and be empowered rather than discouraged when hearing a no. The use of running a marathon as a metaphor for sales results in a memorable talk that provides real motivation, inspiration, and encouragement. Give your sales team a competitive edge by having Matt Jones come and speak to them.

-Cory Stepanek, CLTC, Genworth Financial


Terrific! Matt Jones' keynote was the perfect way to kickoff NAIFA-Virginia's 75th Annual Conference. His presentation was a homerun performance. He provided a full hour's worth of energy packed entertainment, encouragement, and education. I received nothing but praise about Matt's inspiring talk. He provided a first class presentation.

-Marie Mercer, Executive Director, NAIFA Virginia

Sales is a Marathon is an energizing and inspiring presentation, and it can be tailored to fit your organization. Contact us for more information on bringing Sales is a Marathon to your next meetingor event.


"Matt Jones is a true champion and his story inspires others to be a true champion."
-George Brett
Baseball Hall of Famer, World Series Champion, Member of the exclusive 3,000 hits club



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