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Recommendations & Tips


Matt Jones strives to be one of the easiest speakers you will ever work with. To assist with that, Matt has some simple recommendations for the ideal room and AV for his presentations. These are just suggestions and Matt is adaptive, flexible, and able to improvise and make the most out of any situation or speaking environment. If you have any questions please contact us.

  •  Hands free microphone (i.e. lapel/clip-on or wraparound for the ear)
  • Ability to play CD on house speakers
  • Ability to show a DVD clip on video screen



Room Setup


The following recommendations will add to the effectiveness of Matt's presentation as well as the overall success of his talk.

  • Theater style seating (ideally with no center aisle)
  • Stage with plenty of room for Matt to walk side to side and no one seated behind him (this causes distractions for the audience)
  • Front row as close as possible to the stage (ideally no more than six to ten feet away)
  • Do not overset the room. Better to have to add chairs then to have empty spots throughout the audience and an empty front row.




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"Matt Jones is a true champion and his story inspires others to be a true champion."
-George Brett
Baseball Hall of Famer, World Series Champion, Member of the exclusive 3,000 hits club



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