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Winning Strategies for Professional and Personal Success

download-lifeWinning Strategies for success from Matt's incredible story of conquering cancer, relearning to walk, and completing marathons.

Life and work, like a marathon, is an endurance event. Matt uses running a marathon as a metaphor that provides winning strategies for personal and professional success. By sharing his against all odds story of conquering cancer three times, relearning how to walk and completing a marathon he inspires, encourages, and motivates audiences. Audience members can use the strategies and lessons Matt shares to overcome challenges they face and achieve greater success. This talk is high energy, upbeat, and humorous.

Matt works with meeting planners to tailor the talk for the audience he is speaking to and ensures it is relevant to their  challenges, needs, and objectives. This talk is ideal for opening and closing keynotes, encouraging and energizing employees, and for groups looking to provide a spark for their members.


  • How to Thrive in times of adversity and change
  • How to get yourself to take the necessary action for success
  • How to Operate at a Level of Excellence
  • Renewed passion for work and life

Matt's Winning Strategies

1. Visualize Your Victory
"If you can see it, believe it's possible, YOU CAN DO IT!"

2. Take Action
"Just like you run a marathon one step at a time, you bridge the gap from where you are
today to where you want to be tomorrow one step at a time."

3. Check Your Attitude
"When you hit the wall of life don't focus on it, instead focus on where you want to go."




One of the highlights at our 17th Annual National Conference was the keynote presentation by Matt Jones. His story was a great fit for the nearly 2,000 attendees. He empowered, encouraged, and inspired the audience.  After hearing Matt speak the attendees were energized and fired up. Matt Jones is a top-notch speaker and provided real value for our members.
 -Reed Pew, CEO and President, American Academy of Professional Coders


Matt Jones provided a keynote that was out of this world. He is an amazing speaker and one of the best one I have heard. He is a life changing speaker with a message that entertains, inspires, and encourages . -Susan Gerber, Director Student Financial Services, Yale University



Life's a Marathon is an inspiring presentation, and it can be tailored to fit your organization.


Contact us for more information on bringing Life's a Marathon to your next meeting or event.

"Matt Jones is a true champion and his story inspires others to be a true champion."
-George Brett
Baseball Hall of Famer, World Series Champion, Member of the exclusive 3,000 hits club



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